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Mangum Automotive Designs led by Chris Mangum has built numerous show automobiles, trucks, bikes and boat builds in the last 12 years for top manufactures along with key automotive accessory companies for marketing and display.

With many Magazine Covers, Features and Manufacture Design awards, his peers come to Chris for his expertise. Mangum Automotive Designs has the ability to turn design rendering and specifications either by Mangum or OEM into detailed completed platforms that Manufactures can count on time and time again. This is why OEM’s continue to return to the brand.

Mangum has earned a reputation for innovative ideas, fresh styling, unequaled quality and great communication. Accurate build cost, Timely completion and high quality finished projects. Mangum Automotive Designs projects captivate and leave lasting impressions on the targeted demographic consumer.

We strive to create and build show cars that establish a remarkable visual impression, which in turn drives them to the dealerships to buy these vehicles and associated products. Our key relationships with aftermarket accessory manufactures allow us to be a major part in the design and development of prototype parts that are developed into mainstream retail parts and accessories that are vital to new model launch.